Meyhem Lauren - Special Effects (feat. Action Bronson & Heems) (2012)

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Meyhem Lauren - Special Effects (feat. Action Bronson & Heems) testi

[Verse 1: Heems]
Meyhem Lauren that's my friend
I pay his bail
My ends got no ends
Friends got no friends
I lend ya some benz
My dentist is the best
I vent with my friends
And I don't give a fuck write with my pen
Action with a hooker
And she bugging me
She don't know my pedigree
She some bad company
Rubbing me, loving me
Rubbing me, and tugging me
I got green
Mami love my shrubbery
I rock a cardigan
Play the race card again
I'm about my structure
I be fucking mobbing 'em
For reala my nilla I fold ya
I'm about my scrilla
A gorilla
Himanshu you suck
Fuck you I don't give two fucks

[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
Waterfalls in the living room
Dick, respect my vision
I keep it poppin'
Steady rockin' status fizzin'
My rhymes load nines and free real niggas from prison
Contemporary excellence lived is the religion
Politicin' pussy personally ma
What's poppin' pidgeon
Feed 'em with dollar bills
But never give 'em wisdom
Being exhausted keeps the bezel frosted
Lost it
My mind that is
Braun Aromatic couldn't have a grind like his

[Verse 3: Action Bronson]
My shorty wear the best hair
From the shrine straight out of India
With either hand sign the insignia
Out in front of the Kabob King
Pinky in the pussy with the don ring
Pack the powder shit
The tootsie rolls the palm spring
Twist the drugs into a swan
Shift to 160 with a vixen in the left seat
Dead meat
Heema stay wet
Like a retard with a bed sheet
Using cheat codes like Ryu with a leg sweep
Game genie

[Outro: Meyhem Lauren]
Reign freely
Bronsoline and flame kiwi
Crash my Caddy fuck her with patty pulling a dewee
Party animal composed the fly shit manual
Shooters on deck
I'll make you hot for just a grand or two