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With their scorching cover of "Baby, Please Don't Go," Sons of Anarchy house band the Forest Rangers add to the storied lineage of a ubiquitous blues standard. Their no-frills version is set to appear in the seventh season's fourth episode, "Poor Little Lambs," which airs on Tuesday, September 30th.    Rob Sheffield: 'Sons of Anarchy' Is Hamlet in Black Leather SoA music supervisor Bob Thiele says this straightforward, guitar-heavy approach is exactly what the Forest Rangers had in mind. "This one ain't rocket science," he tells Rolling Stone, calling the track "a straight-up, balls-out version of the blues classic made famous by Muddy Waters." The song is dominated by the one-two punch of Franky Perez's gritty vocal and the searing electric guitar texture of new member Benji Lysaght; this atmosphere frames the darkness of the episode, which finds evil touching down in series locale Charming, California. "Hell descends on Charming," Thiele says, "and this underscores the mayhem and its aftermath." "Here we have a new Forest Ranger, handsome Michael Urbano, playing drums," Thiele continues. "He's played on countless hit records, and I’ve been trying to get him into the fold for some time. The stars finally aligned, and he's joined by his old partner from Cracker, Davey Faragher, on bass. Lysaght, another new addition to the Forest Rangers, plays some torrid guitar, and Franky Perez, as usual, sings his ass off." Below, check out an exclusive listen to the powerhouse track. Related Song Premiere: 'Sons of Anarchy' Take on 'I See Through You' Marilyn Manson to Ride with 'Sons of Anarchy' The White Buffalo's 'Sons of Anarchy' Song
Diddy-Dirty Money videoclip Loving You No More (feat. Drake)
Diddy-Dirty Money - Loving You No More (feat. Drake)
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[Dirty Money]
So hard to breathe this air that we call love,
aint nothing worse than the hurt we receive from love,
when you get hurt by the one you living for,
Pain can make you wanna love no more,

Loving you no more,
I just i cant I just can’t be loving you no more,
I love you more than I love myself,

Hurt with the heart thats bleeding slowly,
so many lonely sleepless nights,
Im going through hell to convince you love me,
but never her approval no matter how I try,
the way you talk to me but still I say I love you,
I’m ashamed you can see it in my eyes,
momma always told me to respect the woman,
but what am I to do when her parents do not try,

So many tears I cried,
but all for nothing I’m afraid to say,


I’ve been so dependent on your love for so long,
punishment for me is trying to let go,
give it from your heart is what you taught me,
addiction to pain is what it got me,
my life, now its changed,
my life aint the same as you are,
heartbroken, to the point sometimes wanna end it,
if I can’t have what mean most to me,

So many tears I cried,
but all for nothing I’m afraid to say,


Uh, trying not to over think
Only cause I’ve drove and I done had a lot to drink
When I wanted it blue you said we got to paint it pink
And there’s pieces of ya hair still sittin in my sink
And you still got underwear that’s sittin in the dryer
How come every time that you’re suspicious I’m a liar?
You stand out, I can hear you whistle in a choir
And that’s the only reason you the Mrs. I admire
Damn. Tell me what I’m gone do
Since everything I’m trying to forget is all true
Me and all your main girls get along too
I would take my last dollar out and bet it on you
But ahhhhh, you see the same one I’m missing
Is basically the reason I became something different
And just that I remember me before
And if you could do the same baby then we’ll be for sure