23 July, 2014 - MTV.com
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Jimmy Fallon suited up as the Fungo Brothers on 'The Tonight Show' and did some totally inappropriate working out on Tuesday night.
23 July, 2014 - Billboard.com
James Murphy and Noah Baumbach are joining forces for another movie score.  Former LCD Soundsystem leader Murphy will soundtrack Baumbach’s next...
23 July, 2014 - Billboard.com
London Grammar has nixed more live dates due to lead singer Hannah Reid’s poor health.  The British group has pulled out from their scheduled...
23 July, 2014 - Billboard.com
Despite being married to one of the biggest names in the music industry, Beyonce has always modeled herself as a strong independent woman. On Tuesday...
23 July, 2014 - Billboard.com
Although it seemed like most audience members at Cher's July 7 Staples Center show on her Dressed 2 Kill tour were singing along, one, Diane Warren,...
23 July, 2014 - Billboard.com
Six seconds isn't a long time, but Vine superstar Shawn Mendes made the time count when posting cover songs on the social media platform. The teen...
23 July, 2014 - NEWS.com.au
SINCE debut single ‘Smile’ hit the airwaves we’ve been fans of sassy singer Lily Allen. After eight years in the business this she’s only getting better. That’s why she’s our Women Crush Wednesday pick.
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